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without war Marlene Dietrich’s legs would have gone on forever
a blitzkrieg of nylon seams
without war certain moustaches would pass un-noticed like
electric volkswagens, delivering glad tidings on Christmas Island
without war Dresden would be remembered for china
and China for tea
‘Slaughter House Five’ could be the title of a Quentin Tarantino
movie ....starring Jacque Tati
without war the Manhattan Project could instead be a Puerto Rican
dance troupe based in the Bronx
and Oppenheimer a Dutch banker tall and slim
without war minefield could be confined to relationships
and Vera Lyne just another village in Norfolk
without war Enola Gaye would have a happy ring to it
and Hiroshima just another city in Japan
without the cold war Burgess and McLean could have been a
gun shield manufacturer
U2 just another band and Gary Powers a baseball player
without war Apocalypse Now could have stayed in the heart of darkness
and Cassius Clay would not have changed his name
without war genocide could have been a crop spray
and ethnic cleansing just a South American bathing ritual
without war I wouldn’d feel as if I’d missed a character building exercise
ladies and gentlemen:
can we go forward
without war


by Gerry King