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“If there is one book you read about boxing, make it this one. Champions may dazzle to deceive but Paul King's story is a compelling, gritty and touching narrative of Britain since the war, through the eyes and gloves of a hero of the undercard.” Tim Bouquet

Author and feature writer for Telegraph Magazine and The Times



Paul King (1931-2010) was one of the UK's prominent boxers. He totaled fifty-nine fights between 1951 and 1958, winning thirty-three. For Paul King, boxing was always show business's blood sport.


Yet it all began in the swelling pits of working class West Country town halls, when entertainment was local, hard and unforgiving. It took in Len Harvey, Jack Turner, Freddie Mills, Ruby Murray, Mickey Duff, Peter Waterman and the aristocracy along the way.


This is not a boxing eulogy, it is organised fighting folklore; not the free footwork or the propeller powered punches of a spotlit name, but a record of compromised desire, welter forming punishment and tragic compulsion.


It is a tale of fascination with the drama of the square ring and the perpetually unresolved ambivalence towards man's inhumanity to man.


Adapted from the original manuscript by Steven Chambers.


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Torquay Tornado by Paul King


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